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How I Secured Real Estate Deals Without Cold Calling

Jan 4, 2022

Depending upon who you speak with when discussing the best ways to get real estate leads, some people may tell you that you need to make cold calls. But, the truth is that cold calling is very tough–especially in 2022, where most people only answer calls from people that they know. The good news is that there are plenty of other ways to get real estate leads and identify prospects without cold calling. Here are the top 5.

5 Ways to Secure Real Estate Leads Without Cold Calling

  1. Increase your online reviews. Have you ever done online shopping for anything? If so, before you’ve placed that order for a new coffee maker or a pair of jeans, you’ve probably read the reviews. Online reviews are a very easy way to keep the phone ringing or the leads coming in. Set a goal to get 1-2 new reviews each month (or even more if you can) throughout 2022. And, when you hit the magic number of 40 or more, you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of leads you get just from your reviews!
  2. Host an instructional event. I know one agent who (back in the day–nearly 20 years ago), started advertising first time homebuyer’s seminars in the Pennysaver weekly magazine that arrived in mailboxes in our area on Tuesdays. He was able to become the top producing agent in his office by offering these events one night per month—and he was a newbie agent when he started that. I’m not saying to do that very thing in 2022 (hard to do because there isn’t a Pennysaver magazine any longer, to our knowledge), but figure out what future prospects may want to learn and find a way to advertise and team them Provide something of value and the leads will come.
  3. Develop a landing page. Similar to an instructional event and online reviews, figure out what people want to learn or want to download and then create a landing page that is super Google optimized to provide that information. What kind of downloadable content do buyer and seller prospects want? Figure that out and provide it, and you will have a nice source of leads.
  4. Host a local event. Consider hosting a block party, neighborhood yard sale event, or even a local puppy party for neighborhood dogs with agility stations, etc. The goal is to meet prospective buyers and sellers in a casual way and establish credibility at the same time. Things that involve pets and children are usually the most successful, so consider sponsoring something at a local part or in a local community (reminder to get permission, if needed).
  5. Create a blog. It’s true that people do not love to read when they can watch a video. It is also true that attention spans are on the decline. That being said, if you can create a blog with regular content and also make videos and graphics of that content, you can become a networking machine and have all sorts of social networks advertising or posting content from your blog. Check out products such as Lumen5 and Hootsuite, both of which will make the blogging and advertising thing so much easier.
  There are so many great ways to get leads that do not involve cold calling. Got any to add to the list? If so, be sure and let us know!
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    Master the Art of Short Sale with our 6-step guide, including valuable tips and tools from our experts.